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#PartyDownSouth1 Party Down South 1 & 2 ASTROLOGY, Cast, Birthdays, and Zodiac Signs, by #celebrastrology #PartyDownSouth2

Party Down South: An insider spills, is Lil Bit gone for good?
www.sheknows.com695 × 391Search by image <em>Party Down South</em>: An insider spills, is

Party Down South' -- Money War Ain't Over ... Cast Threatening ...  www.tmz.com700 × 397Search by image 0319-party-down-south

Mattie Breaux
(born May 1st )
Gheens, Louisiana

Lyle A. Boudreaux
(born February 3rd)
Lafayette, Louisiana

Tiffany Heinen
(born December 10th)
Eunice, Louisiana

Josh Murray
(born  December 22)
Louise, Mississippi

Ryan "Daddy" Richards
(June 6th)
Orange Beach, Alabama

Lauren White
(born January 27)
Pineville, Louisiana

Walt Windham
(born June 25)
Frankfort, Kentucky

Hannah Guidry
(born February 19)
Frankfort, Kentucky

Taylor "Lil' Bit" Wright
Rockingham, North Carolina

Party Down South 2 Cast's Top Party Anthems | CMT  www.cmt.com980 × 551Search by image

Party Down South 2' Cast News: Hunter & New Girl Kelsie A Coupl…

Shark Tank Cast ASTROLOGY, Birthdays, and Zodiac Signs, by #celebrastrology

Shark Tank | Mz Trina mztrina.com499 × 267Search by image I don't really watch TV and there are only a few shows that I've had playing in the background while I'm relaxing at home. I can't remember how I got onto ...
Shark Tank

Reality competition

Created by   
Dan Purpalaj

Based onDragons' Den

Directed by  
Craig Spirko

Ken Fuchs
(born: July 1, 1956)

Alan Carter
(born September 13, 1959)

Mark Cuban
(born July 31, 1958)

Daymond John
(born February 23, 1969)

Kevin O'Leary
(born 9 July 1954)

Barbara Corcoran
(born March 10, 1949)

Robert Herjavec
(born September 14, 1962 )

Lori Greiner
(born December 9, 1969 )

Nick Woodman

(born June 24, 1975)

Kevin Harrington
The Year of the Rooster
(born: 1957, Cincinnati, OH)

Bad Girls Club ASTROLOGY, Season 5, Cast Brithday, and Zodiacs Signs #celebrastrology


Danielle Rosario
(The Scrapper)
21Massapequa, NY

Morgan Osman
(The Uber Bitch)
21Miami, FL

Lea Beaulieu
(The South Beach Rebel)

22South Beach, FL
Love Games 2

Kristen Guinane
(The Pageant Princess)
23Boston, MA

Catya "Cat" Washington
(The Elite Player)
24Philadelphia, PA

Erica Langston
(The Trash Talking Cheerleader)
25Anaheim, CA

Brandi "Venus" Arceneaux
(The Sneaky Stripper)
26Inglewood, CA

Kayleigh Severn
(The Kung Fu Diva)
22San Diego, CA

Ashley Cheatham
(The Southern Belle)
Capricorn(born  26 Dec)
21Houston, TX

Christina "Teeny" Hopkins
(Agent Orange)
22Staten Island, NY

Bad Girls Club ASTROLOGY, Season 4, Cast Brithday, and Zodiacs Signs, By #celebrastrology


Kendra James
(The Double Standard)
Charlotte, NCLove Games 1

Amber McWha
(The Trash Talker)
Morgantown, WV

Kate Squillace
(The Prima Donna)
Boston, MA

Natalie Nunn
(The Socialite)
(born December 26, 1984) 
Oakland, CA

Love Games 2
All-Star Battle 1
Portia Beaman
(The Pistol)
Kansas City, MO

Annie Andersen
(The Control Freak)
Los Angeles, CA

Florina "Flo" Kaja
(The Enforcer)
(born September 1, 1982)
Staten Island, NY
All Star Battle 1

Lexie Woltz
(The Wild Child)
Belleville, IL

Bad Girls Club ASTROLOGY, Season 3, Cast Brithday, and Zodiacs Signs, By #celebrastrology


Ailea Carr
(The Instigator)
21Buford, GA

Whitney Collings
(The Straight Shooter)
21Boston, MA

Amber Buhl
(The Narcissist)
23Pittsburgh, PA
Love Games 2

Kayla "KC" Carter
(The Loose Cannon)
23Compton, CA

Sarah Michaels
(The Party Girl)
23Milwaukee, WI

Love Games 1
Tiffany "Tiff" Torrence-Davis
(The Warden)
24Chicago, IL

Amber "Cookie" Meade
(The Firecracker)
25Montevideo, MN

Love Games 1
All-Star Battle 1
Ashley Weaver
(The Female Fatale)
21Seattle, WA

Bad Girls Club ASTROLOGY, Season 2, Cast Brithday, and Zodiacs Signs, By Alissa Gray


Tanisha Thomas
(born August 28, 1985)
21Brooklyn, NY
Cordelia Carlisle
22Wallingford, CT

Hanna Thompson
22Brooklyn, NY

Melissa "Lyric" Greene
22Phoenix, AZ

Darlen Escobar
24Austin, TX

Neveen Ismail
24Portland, OR

Jennavecia Russo
26Las Vegas, NV

Andrea Sharples
22Portland, OR

Bad Girls Club ASTROLOGY, Season 1, Cast Brithday, and Zodiacs Signs, By #celebrastrology

Season 1

Zara Sprankle
22Cicero, NY

Hripsime "Ripsi" Terzian
23Watertown, MA

Aimee Landi
24Philadelphia, PA

Leslie Ramsue
24Atlanta, GA

Tyla "Ty" Colliers
25Atlanta, GA

Jodie Howell
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Birthday/Sign: Taurus
29Baltimore, MD

Kerry Harvick
(born September 10, 1974; Nashville, Tennessee)
31Nashville, TN

DeAnn Witt
24Dallas, TX

Joanna "JoJo" Hernandez
23Sacramento, CA

Andrea Laing
26High Point, NC

Glee Project ASTROLOGY (Season 1) Cast Birthdays, and Zodiac Signs, By #celebrastrology

Samuel Larsen Virgo (born August 28, 1991) 19 Los Angeles, California Winner

Damian McGinty, Jr. Virgo  (born 9 September 1992) 18 Derry, Northern Ireland Winner

Lindsay Pearce Taurus  (born April 30, 1991) 19 Modesto, California Runner-up
Alex Newell Virgo/Leo (born August 20, 1992) 18 Lynn, Massachusetts Runner-up

Hannah McIalwain Aquarius (born February 25, 1991) 19 Asheville, North Carolina 8th eliminated August 7, 2011
Cameron Mitchell Aquarius  (born February 15, 1990) 21 Fort Worth, Texas 7th eliminated July 31, 2011

Marissa von Bleicken Scorpio (born October 30, 1991) 19 New York, New York 6th eliminated July 24, 2011

Matheus Fernandes Scorpio  (born November 26, 1991) 19 Atlanta, Georgia 5th eliminated July 17, 2011

McKynleigh Abraham Sagittarius/Capricorn (born December 20, 1991) 19 Paducah, Kentucky 4th eliminated July 10, 2011

Emily Vásquez Taurus (born May 1, 1988) 22 New York, New York 3rd eliminated June 26, 2011

Ellis Wylie Pisces (born March 18th, 1992 ) 18 Grayslake, Illinois 2n…

Flavor of Love ASTROLOGY (season 1) Cast, Birthdays, and Zodiac Signs, by #celebrastrology


Nicole Alexander
(born July 12, 1983)

New YorkTiffany Pollard
(born January 6, 1982)

PumkinBrooke Thompson
(born on January 19, 1980)
Episode 8

Courtney Jackson
Episode 7

Leilene Ondrade
(born October 18, 1976)
Episode 6

Schatar Taylor
(Born Schatar Sapphira White August 2, 1971)
Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Episode 6

Red Oyster
Abigail Kintanar
(born 18 January 1985, Los Angeles, California, USA)
Episode 5 (Quit)

Tika Rainn
Episode 4

Kim Manning
(born September 22)
Episode 3

SeriousCristal Steverson
(Born on June 12, 1982)
Episode 3

ApplesMelanie Prudhomme
Episode 2

DimplezMargaret Radnick
Episode 2

Jefandi Cato
Episode 2

Miss Latin
Xotchitl Rodriguez
Episode 2

RainThela Brown
Episode 2

BubblezApril Navarro
Episode 1

CherryMieko Smith
Episode 1

PicassoSarah Ryan
Episode 1

ShellzAmber Kemp
Episode 1

SmokeyJohanna Olson
Episode 1

Sureal Life ASTROLOGY, Seasons 3 Cast,Birthdays, and Zodiac Signs, by #celebrastrology

Season 3: 2004

Cast of season 3

Charo,  María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza Capricorn (born January 15, 1951)
Dave Coulier,  Libra (born September 21, 1959
Flavor Flav of Public Enemy, William Jonathan Drayton, Jr.  Pisces (born March 16, 1959)
Jordan Knight,  Taurus (born May 17, 1970)
Brigitte Nielsen,  Cancer <

Sureal Life ASTROLOGY,Seasons 6 Cast,Birthdays, and Zodiac Signs, by #celebrastrology

Season 6: 2006

Cast of season 6

Alexis Arquette,  Gemini (born Robert Arquette; July 28, 1969)
Poison guitarist C. C. DeVille,  Taurus (born Bruce Anthony Johannesson; May 14, 1962)
Steve Harwell,  Capricorn (born January 9, 1967)
Sherman Hemsley, Aquarius (February 1, 1938 – July 24, 2012)
Maven Huffman,  Sagittarius (born November 26, 1976)

Sureal Life ASTROLOGY, Seasons 5 Cast,Birthdays, and Zodiac Signs, by #celebrastrology

Season 5: 2005

Caprice Bourret,  Scorpio (born October 24, 1971)
José Canseco,  Cnacer (born July 2, 1964)
Sandy "Pepa" Denton, Scorpio (born November 9, 1969)
Janice Dickinson,  Aquarius (born February 15, 1955)
Carey Hart,  Cancer (born July 17, 1975)
Omarosa Manigault,  Aquarius (born Omaroseonee Manigault, February 15, 1974)
Bronson Pinchot.  Gemini/Taurus (born May 20, 1959)
Manigault  Aquarius (born February 15, 1974)

Sureal Life ASTROLOGY, Seasons 1 through 6 Cast,Birthdays, and Zodiac Signs, by Alissa Gray

Season 4: 2005

Cast of season 4

Da Brat,  Aries (born Shawntae Harris; April 14, 1974 in Joliet, Illinois)
Adrianne Curry,  Leo (born August 6, 1982)
Christopher Knight,ChynaMarcus Schenkenberg,  Scorpio (born November 7, 1957)
Verne Troyer, and  Capricorn (born January 1, 1969)

Sureal Life ASTROLOGY, Seasons 2 Cast,Birthdays, and Zodiac Signs, by Alissa Gray

Season 2: 2004

Cast of season 2

Traci Bingham,  Capricorn (born January 13, 1968)
Trishelle Cannatella,  Scorpio (born November 4, 1979)
Erik Estrada,  Pisces (born March 16, 1949)
Tammy Faye Messner,  Pisces (March 7, 1942 – July 20, 2007)
Ron Jeremy, Pisces (born March 12, 1953)
Vanilla Ice.